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Current Officials

Current Officials

New England is run by a council form of government. City meetings are held the 1st Monday of every
month at 7 pm in the city meeting room.
If you would like to be placed on the agenda, contact City Hall or fill out the request form to be
placed on the agenda by the Wednesday at 5 p.m. before the next scheduled council meeting. City
Council members need advance notice of agenda items to be prepared to discuss and make
decisions at the council meetings. The meeting minutes will be on the website for four months, after which they will be removed.

Open Meetings Manual

December 2018 Minutes

January 2019 Agenda


Lyle Kovat – Expiration of Term (June 2026)

P.O. Box 456, New England ND 58647

Telephone: 701-579-4149


Jason Jung

Telephone: 701-579-4422

City Commission

Tom Gorek – Expiration of Term (June 2024)

907 2nd Ave E, New England ND 58647

Rex Fitch – Expiration of Term (June 2026)

P.O. Box 185, New England ND 58647

Chris Fitterer – Expiration of Term (June 2026)

P.O. Box 425, New England ND 58647

Breann Krebs – Expiration of Term (June 2026)

941 3rd Ave East, New England ND 58647

Mike Grote – Expiration of Term (June 2026)

1107 3rd Ave West, New England ND 58647