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Public Works

Public Works Superintendent – Clarence Binstock (701) 579-5198

Part-Time Public Works – Barry Brentrup

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Helpful Hints Concerning Water

If your water bill is higher than average – here are some helpful hints on what may have caused it to
go up.

Check your Toilet

Toilets are the #1 cause of water bills increasing. For slight leaks that you can’t see, put food
coloring in the tank of your toilet(s) and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. If the food coloring goes into
your bowl, you likely have an internal leak or a bad flapper.


Check all faucets for dripping – even little drips can cause a lot of water usage. Have you ever
wondered how many gallons those little drips add up to? Visit the website
to help calculate how many gallons those drips add up to.

Outside Water Sources

Make sure your faucets outside are not dripping or on.

Watering Your Lawn

Running the sprinkler for just a few hours can cause your bill to increase significantly. An average
household sprinkler being run for 1 hour 2 times per week will use approximately 12,000 gallons per

Helpful Hints Concerning Sewer

The property owner’s responsibility is to maintain internal plumbing and sewer service lines. The city is responsible for the maintenance of sewer mains only. If sewage is flowing
into your home, immediately contact the city at (701) 579-4422 as there may be an obstruction in the
sewer main.
Check with your insurance agent about adding coverage for sewer backups.